The Offers Were Intriguing, But….

This pedestrienne medal is worth way more than the $300 I was offered.

While manning my booth at last weekend’s Dallas Marathon Expo, a guy with a phone began videoing copies of my book, “Pedestriennes” and other pedestrienne artifacts.
After peppering me with questions about the women walkers, I explained how I uncovered this all but lost part of American history. Finally, I handed him my medal, one of only two known surviving awards from the dominant athletes of the 1870s.

What Is It Worth To Me?

He looked at it and said, “Is this for sale?”
“Everything’s for sale for the right price.”
“How much are you asking?”
I stood stupefied; I’d honestly never thought about it.
Finally I blurted, “$500.”
“Would you take $250?”
“No, I’m pretty firm at $500.”
“Let me think about it.”
He gave me the medal, bought a book and left.

Glad I Rejected the Offer….

Until then, I never fully understood the power of the urgency sale.
It was easy to picture him handing me $500 right then; with me handing over the medal.
As the afternoon passed, I thought about what I might have done for another couple of hundred dollars.
“This should be worth a lot more to you than $500,” said a friend who is familiar with the pedestriennes, the medal and me.
And he was right, of course.

….And This One

The next day, my office partner, Fred Campos had lunch with a mutual friend, who is a successful entrepreneur.
Fred gave me an update on their conversation.
“He asked me all kinds of questions about your screenplay,” said Fred, “then he said, ‘Would Harry sell me the rights to his screenplay if I offered him $10,000 today?’”
“I told him, ‘Hell, no.’”
Just like at the expo, my friend was right.

But Next Time…

Now these weren’t deals I found acceptable, but they were offers, and I didn’t pursue them, they found me. And that makes both of them intriguing.
It does make me realize that I might have some assets more valuable than I thought, and I should be prepared for more spontaneous proposals. Most would be low-ball deals, but under the right circumstances, it might actually come to fruition.
And now I’m more prepared to accept….or reject.

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