Progress on Many Levels

It’s still a long shot, but we could be talking about a pedestrienne movie next week.

My post-surgery progress continues. My draining has lessened, my right arm is slowly regaining range of motion, and I’m feeling stronger. However, I still have some numbness in my upper right arm (not unexpected) and we don’t have the final biopsy yet. We should get that on Wednesday when I go in for my follow-up and close the drain.

The following week could be big. I have several meetings scheduled, most regarding the pedestrienne screenplay.

Finally, I’m always looking to simplify and streamline my business. I’ve been monitoring my social media outlets. I have something like nine, including three FB pages. I’ve found myself repeating info and just creating more work with little return.

To remedy that, I’ve decided to end this blog. Most of what’s here is posted on FB page pedestriennes, so if you are logged in there, you won’t really be missing anything, and what you get will be more immediate.

This decision will have no impact on any of our other outlets, including, “View From the Lectern,” our monthly e-newsletter that gives readers tips on overcoming the fear of public speaking.

So we aren’t going anywhere, we’re just streamlining, and making it easier for us to keep up with each other.

Thanks and keep following us,


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