Minor Surgery? Uh OK, I Guess

“It’s the size of a cantaloupe.”
That was the assessment of my doctor after running a sonogram under my right arm, where a lipoma (fatty mass) has been growing for several years.
“That needs to come out.”
“Can we do a local?” I asked.
“No, came the stereo response from the surgeon and the nurse, with the latter adding, “It’s too big.”
Oh yeah, the cantaloupe thing. Right.
“Did you have a problem with the anaesthesia last time? (He operated on me when I had melanoma three years ago).
“No, I just don’t want you cutting me open.”
He smiled and said, “I understand that. I never operate on myself.”
He continued by saying he didn’t anticipate any problems, that the surgery should take care of everything, but he added with typical and understandable doctor caution, “Never say never. There’s a small chance you’ll need radiation and an even smaller chance for chemo.”
We tried to make a schedule that wouldn’t interfere with my teaching schedule at the University of Dallas. I teach two one hour courses, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Then the nurse said, “The doctor operates on Tuesday and Thursday.”
Just great.
We opted for Thursday, since that gives me five days recovery until the next teaching session.
And by Thursday, I mean today. As in three hours from now.

Surgeon continued by saying the down time should be minimal, that it’s outpatient surgery, and I could probably type and drive the next day, but there would be some muscular pain, “like a pulled muscle.”

Oh, that sounds like fun.
I know this is ‘routine’ and there shouldn’t be any problems, but I will be glad when this day is over. Positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

I’ll keep you posted.

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