Fatty Mass Has Grown; CT Scan Will Reveal How Much

The lump has grown. A lot.
Three years ago, a CT scan revealed a lump under my right arm. Weird, I never noticed it until then. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but notice. The scan reported it was about the size of a pack of playing cards.
The last two years, I’ve gone to my doctor for melanoma follow ups. (I had surgery in July, 2014).
Earlier this month, on my latest follow, my doctor prodded a bit more than usual.
“I don’t remember that being so big.”
He told me to get another CT scan.
The initial diagnosis was a benign fatty deposit just under the skin. I didn’t notice it much until recently. I feel a new tightness in the area of my armpit. There’s still no pain, but it does get a bit uncomfortable.
So I get another scan this week and let my surgeon make a diagnosis.
My queasy gizzard tells me I’ll probably need surgery, which will put me on limited detail for a while. And of course, it’s the worst time of year for this, since I generally work several track meets in the spring. I work with great folks, the pay isn’t bad, but the best part is that my son, who has mild autism, works them as well. He’s slowly learning the sport, we get some time together, and he adds to his bank account.
My wife suggests I should try and have the fatty mass removed via local, which should cut down considerably on the rehab time. I’m pretty sure the surgeon will want to cut on me, a thought I do not relish.
OF course, that might not even be an option.
So this week, I’ll get the scan, we’ll review the results, and go from there.
I’ll keep you posted.
Positive thoughts and prayers are welcome.

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