Explanation for Recognizing New Record

Yolanda Holder battled the elements, but ultimately reached her remarkable goal.

So the question came across Facebook the other day. “How could Yolanda Holder break Amy Howard’s 137 year old record miles walked in six days when, in your book, you said the record had been broken?”
First, thanks for reading—or at least investigating.
The whole idea of Yolanda Holder breaking Howard’s record arose about a month ago after Holder read a copy of, Pedestriennes, America’s Forgotten Superstars.

Why The Record Still Stood

In Pedestriennes, I quote Ed Sears author of, Running Through the Ages as saying that Howard’s record of 409 miles walked in six days stood as the American Record for 103 years.
“So,” asked the questioner, “How is it Holder also broke the record?”
Apparently, all the 20th century six-day distance records involved the athletes running. With regards to that, Howard apparently still held the record for walking six days. I’d never thought about it.
But Holder had.
She, fellow walker Bob Davidson and I did some research and none of us could find a six-day walk record.
By default, the record still belonged to Howard.
At that time, Holder had a PR of 403, and as best we can tell, that was the best since the heyday of the pedestriennes. Now Holder, already mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, had a new goal: Howard’s 137 year old record, which she targeted for the Across the Years Six-Day Walk in Glendale, AZ December 28, 2016 thru Jan 3, 2017. She got that by 1.4 miles, and now has the record. But there were other pedestriennes besides Howard.
Next week, I’ll list the top six-day pedestrienne performances, including late 19th century results to what Yolanda has done.

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